Dynamic Shoe Shine Machine
We are dealing in a diverse variety of Dynamic Shoe Shinning Machines. Our experts have taken extreme care while designing them to ensure they effectively fulfill their application and that too for a long period of time.
Medical Cart
To speed the moving of different medical equipments and other products, we have introduced a wide range of specifically configured Medical Carts. They are widely used in hospitals and clinics for an effective working.
X- Ray Viewer
To help doctors in diagnosis of various health issue, we are presenting a tremendous ambit of X-Ray viewer. They are tried and tested on the basis of several parameters related to quality and functioning to assure their spectacular working capability.
Ot Light/Surgical Light
We are gaining extreme popularity in the market for providing our clients a big set of Fumigation Machines. These machines assist in the process of pest control and effectively spread the pesticides gas in an area.
Anesthesia Cart
Buy from us modular and sturdy Anesthesia Cart in various sizes with a series of compartments that are specially designed for medical facilities to carry a large number of tools and drugs required in surgical operations. 

Air purification system uses advanced technology to purify the air of the interior areas. It effectively eliminates pollutants, allergens, dust, and hazardous particles from the air, resulting in a better and safer environment for inhabitants.

Disinfectant Fogging Machine

A disinfectant fogging machine is a powerful piece of machinery that emits a fine mist of disinfectant solution into the air. These are commonplace in hospitals, schools, hotels, and business environments.

Fumigation Sterilizer

Fumigation sterilizers are vital pieces of medical equipment used to cleanse and sterilize operating rooms and other critical locations in hospitals. These devices emit a specialized fumigant that kills hazardous bacteria and maintains a germ-free atmosphere.

Ot Fumigation Machine

The OT Fumigation Machine is critical in maintaining a sterile and germ-free environment, which is critical for avoiding infections and assuring the safety of surgical patients.

Crash Carts

Crash carts are mobile emergency medical trolleys that are outfitted with life-saving equipment and supplies. These carts, which are commonly encountered in hospitals and healthcare settings, allow healthcare personnel to respond quickly to medical situations.

Patient Stretcher Trolley

Patient stretcher trolleys are specialized wheeled stretchers intended to transfer patients securely and comfortably throughout healthcare facilities. These carts provide quick and efficient transfer between medical departments and provide assistance during crises.

Inflatable Air Splints

Inflatable air splints are medical devices that are used to immobilize and support wounded limbs, most notably the arms and legs. They give stability, alleviate pain, and prevent additional injury, making them useful in emergency medical treatment and first-aid situations.

Emergency Recovery Trolley

An emergency recovery trolley is a specialized medical cart designed to care for patients who have undergone surgery or are in severe condition. Medical monitoring, life-support equipment, and medicine storage are all available aboard these carts.

Examination Light

An examination light is a multipurpose lighting fixture used in clinical exams and minor operations. It illuminates the examining area with a concentrated and adjustable beam of light.


Shoe Cover Dispensers

We are a reliable organization which deals in Shoe cover dispensers, that are mechanical devices that deliver protective shoe covers to visitors and employees entering clean or sterile settings.

Sticky Mats

Sticky mats are special mats that have numerous layers of sticky film on them. They are used to remove dirt, dust, and particles from the soles of shoes and wheels at entrance points to controlled environments.

Neuro Surgical Equipments

Neuro surgical equipment includes a vast range of specialized instruments and devices used in neurosurgery, a specialty of medicine devoted to the treatment of disorders affecting the nervous system, brain, and spinal cord.

Fluid Warming Cabinet

We are offering a range of fluid warming cabinets, which are basically0 medical device that stores and warms intravenous fluids, blood products, and blankets before they are administered to patients.

Gauze Cutting Machine

A gauze cutting machine is a mechanical device that is used to cut gauze rolls or sheets to precise proportions. This equipment is typically seen in hospitals.

Shoe Cover Lamination machine

A shoe cover lamination machine is a piece of equipment that is used to add a protective lamination layer on shoe coverings, hence increasing their durability and efficacy in avoiding cross-contamination.

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